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An Update

People don’t hear from me much these days. That’s partially by design. I decided to step away from social media and performing for a while. I’ve obviously been going through life changes as all of us have this past year and a half. For the longest time I just didn’t want to post because I was genuinely tired of social media. And then Seth Godin had totally convinced me that it was a trite waste of time, not blogging like this, but social media posting. I was truly nervous however that I had no direction or more precisely too many directions, so I refrained from making anything.

I have been developing a large project that I will release quite soon that has been taking up the lion’s share of my time. Having said that I did have Instagram anxiety for a long while and that is a large reason why I didn’t post. So with any luck I will start back on the socials soon. I’m sure you miss me and this post is more to reassure you from your horrible separation anxiety from me that I am indeed coming back. I can’t answer the thousands of emails I get per second so this will just have to do for now.

See you soon.

August 22, 2021

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