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Disclaimer in Entirety

I Aaron Peta, am a person, entity, and corporation with a variety of different thoughts, feelings, expressions and opinions. Some of these substances and essences may or may not be in concurrence or accordance with certain current, recent or past streams of popular or political trends, thoughts, concepts or zeitgeists.

As a consumer of the content on this website, you agree in entirety, whether you be an individual, corporation or officer of a corporation public or private, social media platform, mobile or computer application, search engine, legal authority, port or transportation authority, jurisdiction, government, elected or appointed official, law enforcement agency or officer, political party, attorney, judge or magistrate, multinational, international, non-governmental, super-governmental, alliance, treaty, economic, health, or any other form of organization, to consume the materials herein for entertainment purposes only. Other than this document, no content on this site* is implied to be anything other than entertainment. That is, there is no implication that any of these materials are factual, scientific, medical, political or even the actual opinions or true expressions of Aaron Peta, or any of the contributors to this site*. Further, you agree in entirety from your consumption of the materials here to hold me, Aaron Peta harmless in all regards under consideration here and to not pursue any legal, punitive, combative, negative, destructive, libeling, defaming, or damaging actions towards me, Aaron Peta or any of my corporate entities or affiliations or brands.

To be clear, agreement in entirety, requires you the consumer, in whatever form you exist, to refrain from acting against me or holding against me, the entity, Aaron Peta, in all of my forms, from all of the following:

  • taxation, levies, duties, fines, fees, bills or charges of any kind from any governmental, non-governmental, private or public organization at any level
  • Governmental or police punitive action, judgements, summons, arrests
  • lawsuits or legal action of any sort
  • implication of legal intent under any law in any jurisdiction on planet Earth, including but not limited to any jurisdiction within the United States of America or any of its territories or holdings
  • cancellation or cancelling of my name, brand, person, ideas, social media profiles, character, career, jobs, employments, and the like
  • assumption or inference that any of the content on this site is: factual, scientific, medical, political or even the actual opinions or true expressions of Aaron Peta
  • Algorithm-manipulating, banning, blacklisting, shadow-banning, stealth-banning, comment-ghosting, search-limiting, account-blocking, censoring, fact-checking, or deplatforming any of the content on this site*
  • defamatory or destructive actions of any sort including but not limited to: accusation of privileges of any category or case, accusations of superiority or inferiority of any category or case, accusations of affiliation or association with political or organizational groups or movements not explicitly expressed herein, judgements of my character or of my statements that may have a damaging effect on the public perception of my name, character, companies, organizations, and brands. These actions will be prohibited, through all channels of communication and expression, both known, and not yet known, including but not limited to: all social media organizations, accounts, pages, and channels; all websites, emails, telephones and text messages; news organizations, broadcasters and publications; podcasts, public forums, verbal shouting in public places, and organizations gatherings and protests.

Finally, if you consume any of the content on this site, you are automatically bound by this entire disclaimer, legally, morally, emotionally, and publicly, whether you have read it or not, whether you are aware of it or not, and regardless of the origination or context of your consumption of the materials contained herein.

You may however, and it is encouraged to, engage me in healthy and critical jest, debate, counterpoint, conversation, dialog, and even argument.

Consumption and use of the materials within this site, under any circumstances or context, is an explicit acknowledgement of and agreement with this entire disclaimer.

*Site includes this domain, petawire.com as well as all Aaron Peta domains and brands which can be found here.