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What Would You Do With 5 Lifetimes?

I often wonder how people just do one thing in life. Those people that are just like, “I’m gonna tell jokes, and they become Jerry Seinfeld,” or “I’m gonna solve the Universe,” and they become Einstein, or “I’m gonna shoot baskets and they become LeBron.” I’m not one of those people. I love doing many things, and I’ve tried a number of them. People say you only live once, you know like Drake, YOLO! A belly dancer girl once told me, “well live your best life because we only live once… maybe…” And I’m like yup, there’s no way to know if we get another chance after this, but I hope we do. So if the maybe was turned into a yes and you got five chances, what five lives would you live? I could easily turn this into ten or twenty or fifty. I have way too many interests, curiousities and skills I want to develop. But I think I’ve done an honest assesment of what five of my possible type lives could be. What five lives would you live? And remember if you’re asking this question to your cat, make sure to give them nine, we want to be racially inclusive here.

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