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Faction, A NYC Nanopunk Thriller

Aaron was involved in the production of “Faction, A NYC Nanopunk Thriller” produced by Diana Martin and written and directed by Shannon Frady. His role was that of Brenneke a hacking wizard who was supposed to be killed in the film, or episode as it were, as there may be more episodes upcoming if the franchise is to become a series. Luckily the details of the story were changed and Brenneke survived, so hypothetically if there are more episodes, he may be back on set filming again. More news as to the development of further production or distribution will be provided as it is learned.

Aaron recalls having a lot of fun on the shoot, “we had a beach scene where I had to ride in on one of those electric wheel things, like an electric unicycle or whatever they are. Super crazy thing. Since I only had 5 seconds to learn how to do it, and none of us wanted me to kill myself, we had someone who was an expert riding it for the long shots, and I just came in and got off of it for the scenes. I’m really proud because now I can check having a stunt double off my list of acting achievements. I also got to wear really cool shades and helmet, my costume for the scene is a pretty badass look.”

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