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Fast Food

Fast Food is a youtube series in which I show you what I like to eat. Why the Fk would I do that? I know I know, Instagram food selfies are some of the most egregious of all social media offenses. Why Aaron would you launch your garishly garbagey gourmandizing indulgences on an innocent and already foodformation overloaded public? Because of two things: I like food, and I like it fast. Therefore: Fast Food. I’m gonna show you how I make meals really fast that are way healthier (in my opinion) than microwaving your cat’s tail or your cattails (assuming you live near water bogs and collect cattails). I don’t hold my fooding ideas to any specific dogma or eating religion. I simply stick to two adages: I only use real food, not caloric trash masquerading in disguise as food, and I make things quickly so that I can eat a delicious meal without taking Beowulfian portions of time out of my day. I want to share these ideas with you.

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